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Doiteasy has started since 2018 as one of the best Web Hoster in the Gulf region. We’ve witnessed the growth and development of digitization in Saudi Arabia and Egypt Kuwait, we delivered High quality services with best price, No cost Effective

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Managing your services

Don’t let your IT team spend 80% of their time to Managed your services let our expert team to managed you services and server We Will optimized your services, and insure it will fully up all time Adopt professional managed services that activate automatic upgrades for your system, protect your data, and resolve downtime issues with ease.

Data Center

We are using triple-tier data center in Saudi Arabia. Located Riyadh, this data center hosts thousands of public & private sector clients and has the capacity of 450 racks. This robust infrastructure makes it one of the most scalable, reliable, and adaptable data center in Saudi Arabia.

Cyber Security

Protect your business from Phishing attacks, malicious malware, viruses, and security breaches. Our cyber security experts provide you with a seamless end-point security, firewalls, penetration testing, SOC as a Service, DDoS mitigation, Unified Endpoint Management and more to counter cyber-attacks and keep your data safe.


Want to arrange a board meeting with regional managers? Need to organize a corporate event with multiple branches? Get the team together with collaboration applications and services that organize live web conferences for your business.

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